Our Trip

This is very likely the first time we have ever biked with our friends and had all four bikes functional from the get go. Usually it is tires, chains, anything and everything, but this time we showed up, put the bikes down and let the tires hit the trail.

It came to the choice of going around one way or the other and the general consensus was that if we headed left first, then when we came back around we would know if we had enough energy to do a spur trail. This ended up being a bad decision in my personal opinion, because although on a loop trail you gain as much elevation as you lose, the second part seemed to be all up hill but I do not remember much downhill on the first part. Next time we will go straight instead of left to start the trail.

A view of the path from where we parked My favorite photo of the day. This is the autumn I hope for. Foliage by the side of the lake is fantastic during the fall.

I thought this loop was kind of challenging, but people of all ages whizzed by me like it was easy. We were yelled at by some crabby guy for not being far enough over when he passed us. I was wondering if I should just hang up my helmet and retire. What I did like about this path is the closeness to the lake on one side of the path and the nice views of foliage and the water. The other side was more wooded and also very beautiful though less on the foliage part. I guess my favorite is the maples along the water's edge.

Typical site on the edges of the water The view from where we parked Crow watching us watch him

This is a nice loop, but I think in the future I would be interested in trying a path I have not ridden yet over this one. We do have the thought of coming back and putting our own kayaks in Eagle Lake and having a nice paddle. We should look into that for next time!


The following - not to scale - map is the path that we took. We started at the place we parked and then went counter clockwise around the lake. You can see how one side is along the water and the other is not. The other side is along the edge of a mountain and is a bit hilly.

The path we took.  Start at the top of the map and continue along the path closest to the water and then continue back up the other side. Across the street from where we parked.