Our Trip

On our second day in the park with our good friends, we decided to start the day with a bike ride since we hiked the day before. Our trip began at the parking lot around 10:30 am between Bubble Pond and Eagle Lake. We did not see any bubbles, eagles, or parking in the main lot so we parked with many others along the side of the road near one of the signs reading Carriage Road Entrance. We went to take some photos of the foliage and returned to the car to get our bikes.

The gang on our Carriage Road ride

At around 11 we got on our bikes but did not get very far because everyone seemed to have problems with their bikes. After returning to the car for another tube for one of the bikes and reassembling the wheel, we finally started off around 11:30 or noon.

Where we parked Bubble Pond Stones mark the edge of the curve

The trail is relatively flat in most parts and we rode it past ponds adn foliage and stopped for a few views of the ocean along the way. One of the more interesting things on this particular route is the stone bridge that arches over the stream gracefully and tempts bikers and hikers alike to walk down to cross under it and get down to the stream. It was a nice stop and with the foliage, it was a rare moment to breathe in.

Foliage on the pond Path under the stone bridge at Duck Brook Duck Brook

The carriage path offered a choice to head towards the gatehouse near Jordan Pond or to head to the path that circles Day Mountain and offers views of Seal Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. The trail is a little confusing with all the intersections at this point and we had to remember which one we came on to so we would return back along the path to Bubble Pond where our car was located. We chose Day Mountain and did the circumference but not the path that climbs to the top.

A view of the ocean Flat shady path Foliage near the bridge

The return route seemed so short compared to the trip in and when we got to the parking area we decided to pack it in and head to Jordan Pond for some popovers. The other option would be to then circle Eagle Lake, but we decided to leave it on our things to do list for today.