Our Trip

Bill and I hiked this after our friends John and Sarah headed back home. They both talked about the trail a lot with kept my mind fixated on it. Since we took an additional day off, we decided we would try this much feared and much anticipated trail. We knew it was quite exposed and it included some non-technical climbing, for example ladders or rungs. There are plenty of warnings leading up to the trail as this path has higher risks involved than other trails. It did not look like it would rain or have lightning so we figured getting struck was not a worry. We only had ourselves to worry about now.

A collection of photos blended together to show the beautiful view at the summit.

For this page we have photos of the trail in order of what we did and saw to provide a better idea on the exposure and the climbing parts of the trail. It is not a trail where it is packed with pretty flowers or wildlife and waterfalls that makes this one interesting - it is the path itself. On a busy weekend the lines of people heading up this path is visible from the road as well as other trails in the area and may take a little patience with others. A few of the sections are thought provoking. I felt pretty good after having hiked this path and really enjoyed my time on it.

Click on a thumbnail above to see it enlarged below. Use the arrow to advance through the list of thumbnails.
  • Sign at the parking lot at the entrance of the trail.
  • Repeated warnings letting us know we would likely die.
  • The trail starts out looking easy.
  • One of our first views from the trail - the blue ocean.
  • The trail is set up with steps constructed from rocks.
  • This is getting serious - metal rungs are used to gain altitude on the trail.
  • A section of the trail is a flat patch of dirt. Just don't look down.
  • The next set of rungs is more vertial and more exposed.
  • Bill on the path - not a wide walkway.
  • You can see the road below - we have gained a lot of altitude.
  • I did not want to do this part, but going back down this trail seemed worse.
  • Rails for the footpath keep your foot on the path.
  • I had one arm through a metal rail for safety in order to take this photo.
  • All of a sudden we are near the top and the path is a simple stroll to the summit.
  • A beautiful tree I fell in love with at near the summit.
  • This bird waits for crumbs to drop from the hikers who sit at the top and relax.
  • We now cross over the summit and head back down the suggested trail to the road.
  • The trail can be packed at times.
  • A woman ponders the next move on the lower right.
  • A side view of the Precipice taken from another trail earlier in the week shows the steepness.
  • These shoes made it up and down Kilimanjaro, but finally failed on this trail.