Getting There

As mentioned on our Lennox Island Kayaking page, we took 2 to 12 to 122 to 131 to 167 to 169 to 163 which crosses over the bridge on to the Island. At which point we went right and then turned right into the Visitor's Center. Sounds complicated, but actually the map it is pretty straight until you get to 163. Our recommendation is to buy a map and figure it out.

Biking The Path of Our Forefathers
Gotjinaiig Otaotioagl

Wooded path at the beginning The path winds along the red sand beach Birds overhead

This was an exceptionally well done trail. The work that went into it must have been significant and it went past nice scenery, through woods, had shaded benches, and was mostly obvious as to where to go next. We hope to do this path again some day.

There are a few options for loop trails, allowing for a short walk or a long bike or anything in between. The longest loop went to the coastline where the biking was a bit tough on the wet sand, so we aimed for the pebbly parts to make it easier. Stopping along the way was nice since we watched birds in flight. A good way to end the day!