Twin Shores Campground

We found this campground to be Heaven on Earth for us. We first found this place in a travel guide, but were referred to it again by the young man in the visitors center at the end of the Constitution Bridge. His family camped there, so we figured that was recommendation enough!

We went very early in the season so it was not very busy at all. Having the luxury of being the only tenters at the campground that night, the woman at the front desk gave us what must be among the best campground campsites on all the planet. It was somewhat private, yet opened up to the beach so we could watch the sunset over the water in the evenings. it also provided easy access to the water with our sea kayaks which put Bill in the happiest place ever.

picnic table at campsite endless beach

The best piece of gear at this campground was having bikes. Sine our site was on the end of the road, and since the close bathroom might be closed for cleaning exactly when you wish to use it, the bike came in handy to get between there and the site. Remember to have a working light on your bike for evening visits!

The campground also has a convenient store that sells soft serve ice cream, cold soda (soda machines by the restrooms, too) and there is a laundry mat. Bring a large pile of coins for the laundry and showers.

There was really no downside to the campground that we can think of. The beach was wonderful, the site was beautiful, the people were nice. We can't wait to visit again!