Camping in the Park

Location In Devils Tower National Park, Wyoming  9 miles from Sundance, WY
Showers No showers in the campground.  We went to the "Fort" at the turnoff from the main road to the park.  For a few dollars you can use a room that has two showers.
Water Water spigots are available throughout the campground
Area Activities Prairie dog town located between tower and camping
Paved path around tower
Interesting ranger presentations in the evening near campground
Supply Source Two convenience shops at the entrance to the park include drinks and small camping items as well as souvenirs
Alternate Activities Drive to South Dakota to Wind Cave and the Mammoth Graveyard
Alternate Camping There is a campground that looks like a fort at the turnoff for the park. Campground includes a view of the tower, a convenience shop, and showers. Friendly management.
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View Our campsite with the tower in the background