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Map of roads for Trail 2

I took a day trip one weekend to visit these castles. The ride was a nice day, and there is even time for a picnic lunch.

Somehow I ended up in Wales slightly after visiting Clun, which was an interesting detour. Some people say Clun is part of Wales, and otehr s say England, it is all about a location of a ditch between the two countries that people dug ages ago. There is even a page for Clun on a Castles in Wales website. On this site, the location is described as in Shopshire, so I am simply not clear on the issue. Either way, it is located on the map I have provided, despite borders.

Ludlow Castle

a window in the castle inside corner of the castle

A special thanks to Andy for identifying these photos a Ludlow castle. It has been a mystery to me for 10 years. Cheers!

Ludlow Castle is in the middle of the town of Ludlow in Shopshire. I had a bit of difficulty finding a place to park and when I went they were setting up for a graduation ceremony on the castle grounds so you can imagine the scene, but despite the difficulties of my visit, the castle itself was really nice to visit.

Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle is a nice short stop for the day while in Shopshire. There is a tape recording that you can rent to listen to as you go through the castle which helps you better understand the history of the building.

Stokesay is not actually a castle; it is a fortified manor. It is also the best preserved manor house in England.

Clun Castle

runis in the distance profile of runis on the hill

The perfect place to picnic. I think out of all the castles I have visited, this one stands out as my favorite. The setting is simply romantic.