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Map of roads for Kenilworth and Warwick Castles

I first visited Kennilworth Castle in Warwickshire because it was near where I was residing while working in a neighboring town. I thought is was pretty cool that there was a castle down the road. It turned out to be a really nice place to visit.

I then traveled a bit further with some co-workers and found Warwick Castle on weekend, which ended up being a really fantastic site as well as a nice area to visit.

Today, as I look back at this page and remember my time on this area, I have an urge to return in the spring. The photos here do not give justice to the size of the site at Kennilworth, but the place is expansive! There was so much more to see at Warwick Castle than I had time for. I remember the end of the day, while the sky is still light at 9pm, sitting with a cup or Earl Gray from a Harrod's tea tin that smells wonderful forever - or at least has for over a decade now. I still open it on occasion and breathe in. Mmmmmm. I fondly remember tucking in for the night at my little room at Victoria Lodge down the road from the castle. Oh, I miss this place!

Kenilworth Castle

Special thanks to Andy for helping me to identify a photo as being that of Lunn's Tower at Kenilworth. Lunn's Tower is in the first photo below.

Lunn's Tower One of my favorite photos of all times.  A view on the perimiter of the castle.

A view from upstairs on oe of the towers Another of my forever favorites, poppies in the early summer. The castle in the distance and me when I was young!

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle's Walls View of Warwick Castle from the walk along the top of the walls

Warwick Castle is a restored/preserved castle that is a main tourist attraction in Warwick. It has a restaurant and a gift shop as well as a museum in one of the castle rooms. There is even a haunted tower that you can climb up. Adjacent to the castle is a wonderful rose garden with peacocks wandering around in the back of the castle.

Warwick Castle has its own website

Where to Stay

When I worked in this area, I stayed at the Victoria Lodge and loved my stay. If I were to return, I would try this place first.

Interested in More?

To get a 360ºview of the site from the comfort of your living room I thought this site was pretty neat: 360 degree history web site - Kenilworth. Another site that was brought to my attention by the author of an article on its history provides a history of the site as well as more photos and a google maps locator. You can use this to zoom in and see the castle from space.