The Fort

Fort Elisabeth State park is the home of the remains of one of the three Russian forts built on Kaua'i. Two of the forts were on the north side of the island, Fort Elisabeth was built on the southern shore near the turn up to Waiamea Canyon.

The park appears as though the state does not actually care about the historical site or the land around it. People dump garbage and abandon cars around the area, and others use the shore as a place to drink after work. Despite its neglect, we found our half hour visit to be interesting.

tree in fort

The fort layout was a eight pointed star with 12 feet high walls. Inside the fort, there were rooms that are now marked with poles. The poles line up with points of interest noted on a plack in the parking lot, bu there are no paper pamphlets to carry with you as you tour the site. Because you should not walk on the walls of the fort, if you walk to the far side, you will find an entrance to the inside of the fort.

A Summary of the History Surrounding the Fort

For more information, check out this book: Hawaii's Russian Adventure : A New Look at Old History by Peter R. Mills