A Little Desolation

Old shed by the edge of a Mjóiojörður Wild foliage on the top of the Westfjords Safety Hut on a inner section of the route

During our stay, we were advised to take 608 to 60 and then back to 1. This did cut off an hour, but if anything happened to us on the highland road, we may have been there a very long time by ourselves. The views were both barren and spectacular. We hit rain during our drive so did not get out often to walk around or take photos. Once we hit Route 1 again we stopped by at the N1 to gas up and get snacks, but you could tell in the parking lot which cars just came from our route vs. the rest of the clean cars.

The Route

This long and barren route was the 'shortcut'. It is not scenic like the fjord drive, but what we did see was vast and beautiful. It was probably fortunate that it rained so we did not make a lot of stops, but this is a better area to pull over to look around unlike the narrow roads along the fjords that have no shoulder.

Map of Route 1 from Ísafjörður to Route 1 in the Westfjords Brief sun when we reached Mjóiojörður

Like every road in the Westfjords, paved means graded dirt quite frequently. he going is slow, though many barreled past us leaving a massive cloud of dust. We bumped along at a decent rate, but wanted to make sure nothing went wrong with our tiny tires on the rental car. The walk to get anywhere up there would have taken all day and we probably would have chosen the direction that wold take two. I would like to take this road again on a nicer day and do some exploring. the rock formations and the curves of the land were a photographer's dream.

Nearing the end More mud than view out the back of the car at the end of the Westfjords