A Popular Hike in Ísafjörður

We could hardly miss this hike. We drove past the parking lot a half dozen times going from one place to the next and when we had an hour or two after Kayaking Önundarfjörður we thought this the perfect short hike. Now that we are home and know what words and terms to search on the internet, we found a page on the West Tours site and don't mind pointing their site out since the two kayaking trips we did were with the kayaking place related to that company. That site can provide a lot more about hiking near here than we had time to experience.

Sign at the foot of the trail Sign directing visitors to a hiking area Box at top with notebook to sign your name Pinks grow along the trail

This hike is a short hike at about a kilometer round trip, but is steep and the direct path is a bit unclear because everyone takes their own way it appears. This is not a problem in getting lost as you see the beginning of the hike from the end and the end of the hike from the beginning. It wanders along two streams that trickle down the side of the mountain and ends in a large flat area about half way up the mountain. It as at this point that you get a beautiful view of Ísafjörður below. Actually it is almost at every point that you get a view if Ísafjörður below.

We found this to be a popular little hike in the evening. As we were headed down a group of four just started up the path and when we drove by later we daw a dad and his son about part way up and looking at the view. If you go to the top, there is a registry box with a notebook in it that you can sign and date.

This was easy to find as it is on the only road that arches around the fjord and has a parking lot next to one of the lights used by the airport. The runway is across the street as you can see in one of our photos and if you time it right you can see the evening flight come in from Reykjavik. We liked this hike because it is a small thing that we could fit in at the end of the day, it wa an interesting feature, the landscape was interesting at the end, and the view was very pretty.