Way Out There

Visiting the Westfjords was the only thing we had on our itinerary when we boarded the plane. We would land at the international airport, spend the night, then drive to the Westfjords. While there, we planned to do some kayaking and perhaps some hiking. We figured we could come up with the rest of the schedule once we got there.

A church on a fjord guarded by sheep Pink flora surrounds a church on the fjord Icelandic poppies - they really are in Iceland! Striking view of the coast A plot of land is populated with crosses draped with cloth

Our big surprise was the length of time it took us to get from Reykjavik to Ísafjörður where our hotel was. It was a quick trip on Route 1 to get to the turnoff into the Wesfjords, but once we left Route 1, the pace was a lot slower, parts of the road were unpaved but graded (which they called paved) and quite a few one lane bridges which were also made of dirt. The views were magnificent but it was a relief to make it to the hotel before it was completely dark and they were still serving dinner. Our trip in the Wesfjords consisted of two days of driving and two days in Ísafjörður. although remote, we wish to return to do more hiking next time and do a little more exploring.