A Place We Do Not Know the Name Of

We came across this on our drive out of Ísafjörður. It is a turn towards the golf course and right past that is a campground. Across the street from the campground is hiking. We have spent a year trying to figure out the name of the campground in order to provide some useful information, and at this point we are putting this out here in the hopes that someone will tell us what it is.

This is the lpace we found. How to get there - it is on the inside of the fjord past the golf course.

One of the trails went though a cut clearing at the front of the forest. I wanted to go there but we were on our way to the North and did not have the time. There was a trail to the top of a waterfall as well which looked interesting. If we ever return, we hope to get out on these trails and see what they are like.

A view from the camping area - two photos asembled for this picture.

If you ever happen upon this place or know what it is, please let us know! We would love to provide some better information and would also like to know what it is when we go back.

A map of the trais.