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Map of the N9 and the N10 between Marrakech, Ouarzazate, and Tinghir

We went to the Tinghir in the late afternoon after a day of climbing in Todra Gorge. We had a driver bring us in to town since the walk is too far for us. We had hoped to do some shopping but the souk was for locals instead. There was a lot of food, which is good if you are camping on top of one of the hotels, and there were clothes and hangers and sneakers, etc.

We had hoped to go to the Hammam, but it was only open for men at that ime of day, so we skipped that option. If you go there, you can find out the hours for men and for women to plan your day better than we did. The Hammam is a bath house where you can go to bathe or have someone bathe you this is called a 'massage').

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Viwe of the town

Curved street and woman Leaving the gardens at the end of the work day