General Information

Climbing areas covered on separate pages can be accessed by the links above and to the right. Since we don't have a separate page for Crawford Notch or the Kangamangus Highway yet, we have included that information here.

Crawford Notch is about a half hour north of North Conway. It is usually cooler in the notch than North Conway. This area has some small rock climbing on Elephant's Head and a lot of nice ice climbing routes on Frankenstein and Willard. The classic Willey's slide is in the area as well as Shoestring Gully.

Places to Stay

Please note this is for reference only. Do not email requesting reservations.

Silver Spring Family Campground

Quiet. We like this place. Rt. 302 
603 374-2221

Crawford Notch General Store & Campground

Wooded sites and river side sites. Rt. 302
Hart's Location
603 374-2779

Crawford Hostel

This is an adequate place to stay.  It has some heat in the winter and has showers in the main building for guests as well as people who show up to buy a shower.  You have to use an outhouse. This place is generally booked way in advance. 603 466-2727

Places to Eat

Crawford Notch is not too far from North Conway so often times we will drive there for dinner.

Scarecrow Pub

Cash only restaurant next to Ragged Mountain.  Cheap food with a lot of appetizers.  Spaghetti and meatballs, nachos, chicken and hamburgers are the fare.  Route 16
Intervale, NH
603 356-2287

Useful Places

Ragged Mountain Great gear shop with a bargain basement full of treasures.  Materials for making your own outdoor apparel and gear also available. Route 16
Intervale, NH
603 356-3042

Other References

North Conway Rescue Rescue covers the White Mountains area 603 356-2424

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