The End of the Day

Jabrin Castle Stairwell with carved verses from the Koran Petroglyph (rock art) of a horse

Jabrin Castle was at the end of the day. After enduring the long drive through the barren desert that could have been southern California except for the ancient watch towers lining the peaks, we made it just before closing. Perhaps the delay in time was due to extensive shopping in Nizwa, or spending endless time wandering around Birkat al-Mouz, but likely the blame is on our shoulders. Thankfully, the man who ran the place let us in so we could have at least a quick visit.

Famous painted ceiling distinct to Jabrin Castle Famous painted ceiling distinct to Jabrin Castle A room in the castle

Jabrin Castle, built in 1675 AD by Imam Bilarab during the Ya'aruba dynasty, is located, outside of Nizwa, Oman. The castle was build during a time of peace and prosperity as a summer home. To imagine that this area was perhaps one traveled by the Queen of Sheba to obtain Frankincense added a mystical allure to the trip.

Red painted ceiling Ceiling and wall with verses from the Koran Petroglyph of a khanjar

The castle is known for the artistry of the painted ceilings and carved verses from the Koran. Beautiful restoration work along with household items decorate the rooms to provide a better insight no how the residence may have appeared in its glory. Our visit was quick, but worth the trip.

Looking down into the courtyard The castle and the oasis beyond