A Little Rock Art

We saw a little rock art at each of the two forts one day, the first at Nizwa Fort and the second at Jabrin Castle. Both detailed animals, though the one at Nizwa was more varied.

Nizwa Fort

This petroglyph in the fort was protected by a plastic shield. It consisted of animals, maybe horses, but I can not recall if our guide was specific about any knowledge of the subject. One at the bottom center has the high tail like an Arabian Horse so that is why I make my assumption. If you put your mouse over the image and have a modern browser, you will see a close up appear to the right.

Nizwa Fort Petroglyphs

Jabrin Castle

A little further into the desert was Jabrin Castle. This was the end of the journey for us. At Jabrin Castle there was one petroglyph that we looked at. Its main features were a khanjar which is a traditional Omani dagger. It has a dramatic curve to it. There is also a horse with a rider. Like above, you can mouse over the image with a modern browser to see a closeup on the left.

Jabrin Castle Petroglyphs