Kill Bill, Volume 5

This was the day that we expect from any vacation. We call this installment Kill Bill, volume 5. I know my friends think I am trying to finish off Bill once and for all, but these things are truly all accidents. Like the Ants in the Pants incident in Belize (Kill Bill, volume 3), or the microvascular stroke that occurred on Kilimanjaro (Kill Bill, volume 4). We don't count the time in Morocco when he tried to get on a camel and it went crazy, because that time he was not hurt. It was just funny.

School of yellow fish surrounding us Fish near a rock

This time it was the yell of "jelly fish!" that pierced the air. We had been swimming around looking for fish after jumping off a private boat that now seemed a bit tiny and near the horizon. My stupid question of Where? was completely in self preservation mode. There was no reason for two of us to be attacked. "They got my face!" struck me in the gut. This was not good. I yelled to Bill to just swim back to the boat. I then saw countless tiny tiny jelly fish in front of me that I would have to swim around. I was no longer having fun. When we were closer together, I could see red welts around his mouth and chin. We got to the boat, and the guy said, "oh yeah", when we told him what happened as he knew about jelly fish being there.

Infrequent brilliant blue fish Striped fish resting near a rock Turtle hiding on the floor

It didn't look too bad, so we figured we would stick it out for the rest of the day and see how the swelling goes down. We headed back to shore, showered off, and got in the vehicle to head to Wahiba Sands. Luckily, the red and the swelling went away in a day or two. He has once again survived the animals and the elements.

The Snorkeling

Oh, about the fish. Sorry! We saw three different kinds and then we saw five turtles on the way back. Our photos were lame at best. They had a better place that they usually take people from the Dive Center, but we were limited on time, so I think if you go, there is potential for better success. Our tour agency told us the best snorkeling is not near Muscat, but we did book it because we would not be able to fit in time to go to the place overnight that has great snorkeling.