General Information

There are several places in the Moab area where there are petroglyphs. There is a drive along Potash Byway where there are many petroglyphs remaining. There are many that are high up, so it was hard to get a photograph, but it also makes it hard for people to cover the ancient art with their own graffiti. There is also a few places out towards Hurrah Pass, where there is an image of a birthing scene. The ranger at Arches National Park gave us directions to get to several places, then it was up to our own explorations to find the actual petroglyphs. We were successful in all areas except near the Teapot Arch. We welcome any input from someone who was able to find those!

Potash Byway


The Potash Byway Petroglyphs here show animals, people, and circles within circles. What we think is the Moab Man is represented in this picture. He can be identified as a figure with what appears to be drop earrings with balls on the end.

A hunting scene with a bear. Moab Man

A petroglyph further down the road from the bear. A paperdoll-like chain of human line figures

Hurrah Pass Area Petroglyphs

When we made it to Hurrah Pass, the sun was setting, so it was hard to find the images. This is a birthing scene. It is located to the left of the image shown below. To get there, take Kane Creek road on the way to Hurrah Pass, about 1.2 miles from the end of the pavement. It is on the right.

The birthing scene A panel on the right of the birthing scene

Westwater Drive Petroglyphs

The first figure below has an animal with heads going in different directions similar to the one at Newspaper Rock in Petrified Forest.

An animal with heads in both directions a chain of figures

We are not exactly sure about the location of these, either. This is what happens when you go through photos several years later and nothing is labeled. Either way, we are pretty sure these are from Wetwater Drive. I do recall it being a residential neighborhood with the panel fenced off.

Moab Area Dinosaur Footprints

Our trip along the Potash Byway eventually brought us out to an area where there are dinosaur footprints remaining in the rock. The prints are up on a ledge. They can be viewed from a pipe set up on the side of the road. This took us a considerable amount of time finding it and figuring out how to use it, though I am sure it is simple for everyone else.

two dinosaur footprints