Graceful Beauty

View into the Valley Below Rocks look like a dinosaur profile Delecate Arch

Moab is a nice little town tucked between Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. It has an assortment of restaurants, lodging, and camping, and is a great place to visit if you like seeing Petroglyphs. We followed a rock art printout to find locations that was similar to the one on this site:

What We Did

We arranged our mountain bike rentals and transportation to the biking site with Kaibab Mountain Bike Tours. At the time we wrote this, they did not have a website. We got to pick from several different day trips which consists of a drop off, a pick up, and a map to a trail that was hard to lose, but it was good to know how many more miles there was left to do.

I seem to recall camping at Slickrock Campground the night we rolled in, and returning mid-week to buy a 'non-camper shower' which was only a few dollars. They were very nice to us, and the camping fee was less than a motel. I think I found them in my AAA book.

We did most of our camping at Arches National Park which has a beautiful campground which was a first come first serve at the time of our visit. From there we visited Dead Horse Point, did the mountain biking, photographed petroglyphs and dinosaur footprints, and saw part of Canyonlands NP. Of course, we also did a lot of small hikes at Arches and did some ranger led events which were high quality, interesting, and something we recommend.