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Sequoia - June 2001



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Early Man Site
Black Mountain
Hospital Rock
Crystal Rock
Crystal Rock
Cave Tour
Area 2
Las Vegas


Two Sequoia bases

June 21 - Drive to Sequoia

The drive form Las Vegas to Sequoia is too long. We only did this stupid drive because of a convention at the Mirage that placed us closer to Sequoia than our own home. The drive is about 7 hours from Vegas, but once you get to the park it could be another hour of driving to get to where you wish to be.

To break up the drive we stopped at the Site of Early Man right by the border patrol of Nevada and California. It was 107 degrees F but we stayed to talk to Ranger Chris about the archeology and the theories of early inhabitants. We hope to go back in the spring as volunteers at the dig site.

We brought our Rock Art Sites book and decided to drive to Black Mountain to hunt for petroglyphs. A nice Motel 6 in Bishop took us in for the evening. Air conditioning!

Pictographs in red Our campsite

June 22 - Sequoia

Only a few hours from Bishop stood Sequoia National Forest. The rangers at the forest explained that we were looking for Sequoia National Park and that unless we wanted a chain saw permit, they could not help us further.

Another hour in the high heat and we entered the park at 103 degrees. A really helpful ranger pointed us in the direction of Crystal Rock and told us of new bolts and new climbs at that cliff. He assured us the climbing area was about 30 degrees cooler. Only one more hour in the car to get to Lodgepole Campground where we had reservations, and another half hour past that to the rock.

We visited Hospital Rock where there were bright red pictographs.

Bill on Pop-a-top

June 23 - Sequoia

Climbed many of the 5.7s at Crystal Rock and ran into three other parties. Temperature was about 75 degrees F. Ate dinner at the Lodge up the road.

Rock cliff

June 24 - Sequoia

Ate breakfast a the lodge up the road and then returned to climb at Crystal Rock but never ran in to anyone. Temperature was 74 degrees F. Ate dinner at the Lodge up the road.

Stalagtites and stalagmites

June 25 - Sequoia

Did the cave tour which was really nice (and cool). Spent the second half of the day driving back to Vegas. We were afraid to drive back to Vegas on the day of our flight in case any problems arose.

June 26 - Las Vegas

Thank goodness for the Vagabond Inn. Once again they take us in at the last minute. Packed up, watched the tigers at MGM and rode the rollercoaster at New York New York. Not a bad trip!