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Maine, New Brunswick, P.E.I. 2006



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Puffins Hopewell Rocks in Nova Scotia

Day 1 - Puffin Trip, Fundy National Park

We went out on a "Puffin Tour" that brings people to a tiny island off the coast of both Maine and Canada. There are three companies that have permission to land, 2 in Canada and 1 in Maine. We went with the US trip, but weather prevented us from actually landing.

The weather continued to decline so we headed for the Border. After being stoped and thoroughly searched for whatever it is they thought we had, the border patrol finally admitted us into the country. We continued to drive in the Rain to Fundy National Park. The park was almost full as far as camping went, but we were able to get into a distant site and were grateful that we had our bikes to shuttle us back and forth to the restrooms.

Red sand beach Our campsite

Day 2 - Prince Edward Island: St. Lawrence Paddle

Fundy was not working out so well with the rain, so we packed up our gear and continued on to Prince Edward Island. With an early start, we figured we could be there for lunch and maybe get a little paddling in.

OK, we were warned. We went in anyway. Paddling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence can be a bit challenging with strong currents and powerful winds. At the time, I am not sure I would have called it fun, but after about eight months I am ready to say that yes, it was pretty neat. Would I do it again? Regrettable, but yes!

Lennox Island shore Blue starfish

Day 3 - Prince Edward Island: Lennox Island

We did a short trip from Twin Shores Campground to Lennox Island. The trip was over an hour, but we had all day and the drive was pleasant.

Lennox Island is Mi'kmac, and there is a new visitor's center that opened the day we visited. Launching the kayaks from that area as well as getting on to the bike path were very easy. We did a small paddle and then did a single loop on the bike path.

Heron Field of daisies

Day 4 - Prince Edward Island: PEI National Park

Home of Anne of Green Gables, this place was a little commercial, but once we got out on the water, it was paradise. The water was a bit on the shallow side, and the wind was wicked, but the wildlife was amazing, and when we made it to the sand bar, the view was tremendous.

We ended the day at the park with a beautiful bike ride on the Homestead Trail.

Welcome home to the United States

Day 5 - Wind and Rain Wins

The rain finally caught up to us so we surrendered and packed it up for one final breakfast at a local restaurant and started heading on home. Maybe next time!