The Open Book

On a Labor Day Monday at Cori's insistence, we went to Tahquitz to do the Open Book. It had just made the Ten under Ten article in Climbing magazine and it peaked our curiosity. After a wet week at Yosemite, we were amazed that there were no clouds that day, though it allowed it to be very hot. It had rained hard the previous two days so the ground was soaked, leaving a muddy hike up to the rock.

We waited till 4 pm for shade which was probably not the best idea now that we look back. Larry led all of the pitches, Cori climbed lazily in the middle, stemming most of the climb and Bill came up last carrying the pack. The 3rd pitch had had a friction section which was wet from the rain, adding a challenge at the end of the day. Larry hung from bolts belaying to a spectacular sunset, meteors, and a warm breeze. Bill and Cori did the last pitch in the dark because Bill left the headlamps on the ground so save on weight. Third/fourth class hiking to the ground in the dark was scary, but we are used to the dark when we climb with Larry!

Recommended Books

Tahquitz & Suicide by Randy Vogel and Bob Gaines (published by Chockstoner Press).