Kayaking on the Cape is new to our site. In this past year we have started to build up the kayaking information on this site slowly. There are a lot of tidal rivers and streams on the Cape that are very beautiful to paddle. We have been using Paddling Cape Cod by Shirley and Fred Bull recently to find some old places we have been and to find new places to go. One of the hardest parts about kayaking at the Cape is finding a place where you can launch from. We are making an effort to note what places you can always launch and park at for free, what places are open to visitors all season for a fee, and what places are available only to visitors out of season to make this more useful.

White's Landing in East Falmouth continues to be open to the public year round and allows access to the Child's River which in turn allows access to Washburn Island and a few other places we mention here. The Bass River has access, and both places have kayak rental places available if you are visiting or do not own your own. We have rented from both places when we wish to go tandem or when we go with friends and have been very happy with both places in the few occasions that we have used them.

Cape Cod Kayak does evening trips that you can sign up for as well. They tend to run from March through October. They also have rentals.