I was only able to climb in England for two days and unfortunately both days had more rain than sun. I did not take many pictures, and I have not properly recorded the names of any of the climbs that I climbed. I still got a few nice photos that I would like to share.

I would like to thank Adam for taking me to these places. I met Adam on the Climbers page and after a few emails, we made plans to meet in a pub before we climbed. I lost track of Adam, but I often wonder if he ever made it out to Yosemite like he had hoped to. Cheers!


Cliffs at Stanage

Stanage is like a little Gunks for those of you who have climbed in the North East. There are horizontal cracks and roofs as well as the usual vertical cracks. This area is a traditional climbing area.

I could go back and climb for a week here without gettig bored. If it rains, there is a nice pub nearby and a camping area behind it. An excellent idea.

Heptonstall Quarry

climbing at Heponstall quarry

Heptonstall Quarry was our backup plan in case it rained at Stanage, which of course it did. It was really interesting climbing. In the picture below, the climb was leaning back the whole way up with horizontal ridges and cracks to make the climb enjoyable. I think the rating (in Yosemite terms) is about a 5.9. It takes natural pro.

Thanks to James D. I now know this climb is called "Senility". Cheers mate! He also mentioned to me a book that rockfax ( just came out with called Peak Gritstone East which includes info about the area's climbing.

Guide Books

Thanks to James, I now have a list of guidebooks that can be helpful. I selfishly am putting these here for my reference later in life, but I hope someone somewhere can benefit from this, too.

Other publications about climbing in England include:

And another thanks to James for setting me straight on how to spell the names of the crags correctly!