From the catamaran to Punta Cormorant to Barones View Point, the scenery is that of the front cover of a travel magazine. You can stare down into the crystal blue waters and see the soft sandy bottom only feet away. Sand bars stretch out lazily in the sunshine as the coastline juts out and surrounds you. If you look carefully you can see the shadow of sea turtle swimming nearby.

2 kayakers tree with shadow

The weather was perfect with sunshine and a soft breeze to combat the 85 degree heat. Dipping our feet into the water helped to cool us as well. A short swim also served us well when we beached at the Barones Lookout.

pretty water water still pretty

For animal viewing, this paddle had less than others, but what it may have lacked in wildlife, it made up for in beauty. This paddle was also unique in the scenery with low sandbars instead of the cliffs on the other paddles on the trip. This paddle was one of our most favorites of the trip (yes, we allow ourselves more than one favorite).

boats and Devil's Crown in the distance

The walk up to Barones Lookout is a short set of stairs and the land feels like an oven, but the view was wonderful and a quick dip in the water was only a few minutes away.