Day 8: Last Day

Did they save the best for last? it is had to say on a trip when every day is the best day. This island is very well protected when the trail to the top is a boardwalk with stairs that winds up along a mildly steep cone of volcanic rock. The island is so tiny that you see all sides of it along the way and from the top where every view and every photograph is exciting.

A view from the top The land Trail to the top

Landing on Bartolomé is like entering another world. The stark volcanic panorama is painted in brilliant reds, oranges, and warm browns. Little penguins play on the black lava rocks along the shores. Navigating though the Bainbridge Islands to Chinese Hat from this island shows the incredible diversity of the islands with pelicans, sea lions, Sally Lightfoots, and countless birds. A perfect Grand Finale for a perfect trip.

Penguin! Volcanic remains Pelican

Upon leaving the island, a pelican kept circling by, teasing us, seeming to get as close as he could to us before finally diving into the ocean. Taking that final step off of the dock and on to the boat was a sad moment, but revisiting our photos on occasion helps to bring it all back. it is certainly a place we recommend if you have the opportunity. Do not pass it up!