San Cristobol espanola Floreana

Day 4: Morning on the beach

Also named Hood, Isla Española is the northeastern most island in the Galapagos. it was no surprise that many find this to be their favorite island. The wildlife was everywhere.

pups Sally lightfoot crab sea lion footprints

We spent an hour or more on Isla Española walking slowly in the morning sun along the beach looking at sea lions, marine iguanas, and Sally Lightfoots. The sea lions were one of two things: lazy and ignored you, or curious and would come and sniff your shoes or your knees. An incredible experience!

marine iguana sleeping sea lion sand from beach

Day 4: Evening at Punta Suarez

This is what our guide called the Airport for the birds at the Galapagos. We came here at the end of the day. The birds were tending their nests, doing mating dances, and taking off from the cliff over the ocean. We took a slow paced walk to the cliff and sat for a while to watch.

albatros dance marine iguana red ring around eye

After watching the albatross take flight over the ocean, we walked further inland to see the nesting birds and to take photos. Walking was hardly the word for it as we were standing more than walking so we could watch the birds dance and hop around.

cliffs baby

When we got back to the shore to get to the zodiac to get to our boat it was already almost dark. It was a day well spent.

blue footed boobie masked boobies building a nest diving bird