San Cristobol espanola

Day 3: Isla Lobos

The tiniest island I have ever seen, Isla Lobos is a small strip of land almost touching San Cristóbal. On its outer side, waves crash against the rocks, on the inner side, sea lions play in the calm shallow waters.

beach sea lion and sally lightfoot sally lightfoot

Our walk on this island from one end to the other was likely much less than a mile, but the birds, marine iguanas, and sea lions are so close to you. Sally Lightfoot Crabs in brilliant oranges and blue bellies contrast against the black volcanic rocks. For birds, we saw a male Frigate bird with his scarlet pouch, Blue Footed Boobies, and a few baby Frigate birds in fluffy white and brown.

marine iguana pair of blue footed boobies juvinile friggate bird male frigate bird Blue footed boobies and kicker rock in background