San Cristobol espanola

Day 2: Galapagueria

A short trip upland on Chatham Island, also known as San Cristóbal, brought us to a Galapagueria, a place where tortoises were relocated so they could breed in safety from non-native species such as dogs, cats, rats, pigs, and goats. When the non-native species are eradicated on the tortoises' native islands, they will return. We saw three tortoises while we were there.

coastline of city

Complete with an airport and a population around four thousands, San Cristóbal was not exactly what we expected from the Galapagos. Solitude was not part of our short visit to the island, though snack shopping and last minute purchases of sun cream and underwater cameras was pretty convenient. Sea lions add entertainment as they line the small beaches along the shore in the port.

tortoise sunset with sea lion