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Day 6: Darwin Center

Home of the Darwin Center, outdoor bars, grocery shopping, and craft and gift shops. But most notably the Darwin Center. There are a lot of nice animal exhibits at the center, but perhaps our favorite was walking among the giant tortoises. They were inches from us in the path so we could see them closely. Very cool!

baby tortoise cactus flower iguana

There were little shops along the way between the Darwin Center and the bars that I would have liked to have looked into. I saw some nice ceramics and handcrafts as I rushed through. It was unfortunately the plan for everyone to meet at the bar, which we were there for quite a while, and for non-drinkers like us, an eternity, but if we had it to do over, we would have shopped along the way and taken that rare opportunity. I am not looking back on life saying - Hey I had a great time sitting in that bar - and to be honest, no boat of eight people is going to leave with only six because we spent five minutes buying a hand painted ceramic vase on an island we will maybe never return to. Buy that pretty thing!