Floreana Santa Fe Santa Cruz

Day 6: Santa Fe Land Iguana

This island is also called Barrington Island. What we did not understand about this island at the time is that the land iguanas on this island and only this island in the entire world are a completely unique species separate from any other iguana anywhere else on the whole planet. I read this several years later. This species is also dying out slowly. It is lighter yellow than its close relatives and has a more pronounced spine.

sea lion and pelican cactus trees an iguana eating a flower

We came to Santa Fe to see the Land Iguanas for the first time. Of course, when we landed on the beach, we were greeted by sea lions, of whom we could never get bored. We did finally get to the path to see the land iguanas. They were pretty cute if you like that sort of thing, and we watched them eat the yellow flowers that fell from the trees. Along with trees, was a type of cactus that makes the island distinguishable from others.