Santa Cruz Santiago

Day 7: Unimaginable

This island has a few names: Isla San Salvador, Isla Santiago, and James Island. San Salvador is the modern Spanish name, but our guide called it Santiago so we are calling it Santiago.

baby sea lion arch the island tidal pools

The walk on the black lava rocks in the tidal pools was unimaginable. Brilliant Sally Lightfoots danced their way over the rocks while herons and oyster catchers tucked into miniature coves looking for food. A natural rock bridge spans a view of fur seals swimming in emerald green water. Amazing!

beach shells with urcin parts female lava lizard sally lightfoots in love

Tidal pools trap seashells and urchin spines at the feet of countless marine iguanas lunching on algae. Each spot is reached by tenderly stepping from one damp rock to the next while carefully avoiding mama and baby sea lions dozing along the path.

oyster catcher many marine iguanas crested rock heron