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Rainbow over JTree

JTree is one of our favorite places to visit. We spend most of our time in the park climbing and most of our time out of the park at the Thai restaurant in Twentynine Palms next to Jeremy's Cafe - another great place to hang out on a rainy day.

My first visit to the park was in March of 1994. I thought that people went to the desert to avoid allergies. I was wrong. The Joshua Trees were all flowering and pollen was everywhere.

I also learned that it can rain and snow in JTree at that time of year - and the rainbows are magnificent!

Joshua Trees grow in the high desert at around 4000 feet and above. The first time I saw their silhouette against the vast sky, I was reminded of Dr. Seuss characters.

Though the park is a desert, there are several oases that one can hike to. These walks are a nice way to spend a relaxing day.

Dawn at JTree View of JTree


rabbit coyote snake

Wildlife was abundant when we visited in September. There were very few visitors to the park, so perhaps the animals came out of hiding. We were lucky enough to also see a mountain lion that week. Normally, the coyote can be seen around when the park is very busy. Their cries can be heard early in the morning and late at night. It is very important that visitors do not leave food out that the coyotes can find. People food is not good for them, and it may teach them to beg and get too friendly. All it takes is one child being bitten by a coyote for drastic measures to be taken to eliminate the coyote from the area. It is still fun to observe them from a short distance.


Weather for Twentynine Palms, CA @1960 ft.

Monthly Historical Averages

High (F)636875839010110510396867262
Low (F)323843505665717062534132
Precipitation (in).

Useful Links

Desert USA - JTree Informative web site with maps and directions. Source of the weather chart above.
JTree Official Park Web Site

Phone Numbers

JTree Park Headquarters 760 367-6376
JTree Visitors Center 760 367-7511
Nomad Ventures (climbing) 760-366-4684
Oasis of Eden (nice motel with hot tub) 760 365-6321
Lee's Health Club (showers) 760 365-9402