General Information

This is not a major place to go paddling. We just decided to try it one day after mountain biking around the park. What was nice about it is getting up close to wildlife from tutles to heron. It is a simple, calm place to paddle, and there is a little island to paddle around. It is not very popular, though I have seen fishermen out in fishing boats before. We went out for maybe an hour before heading in, but it was a nice way to end the day.

Where to Launch

There is a small beach on North Road which is very close to the main parking area. Not close enough to walk the boat from the main parking area, but not too far to drive to. A parking permit is required to park here, and the permits can be purchased at the main lot. The mosquitoes at the beach can be horrendous in the evening, and some people are afraid of catching diseases from mosquitoes in Massachusetts. Something like bird flu, but I don't recall. It is not malaria.

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