General Information

Massachusetts has so much to offer for outdoor activities: biking, cross country skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, camping, and kayaking, and the distances between places is never too far. For our site, we just detail two main areas: Concord (town of the "Shot heard around the World") and beautiful Cape Cod.

The following weather chart is for Boston, and inland the temperatures are hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter as a general rule. And they say around these parts, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute". Basically always have a bathing suit, fleece, and a rain coat at hand in the summer.

The Weather

The following table is for Portland, Maine, which is south of Acadia National Park.

Monthly Historical Averages

High (F)363846566776828073635240
Low (F)222331405059656457473827
Precipitation (in)

Cape Cod

Because we had a lot of information about Cape Cod, we created its own section on the site: Cape Cod which includes a section on Biking and Kayaking.

Concord Area

A lot of the places we have visited and listed on this site are in the Concord area. We created a page specific to this area to show the relative location of some of the places in this area.