General Information

Plum Island is a long beach and wildlife refuge that allows for family beach time on one side and wildlife viewing on the other. During nesting season, beach use is limited or closed on many of the areas on Plum Island to protect the Piping Plovers. You can often still take the boardwalk down to a certain point to watch the plovers race across the sand. On the other side of the park we have seen a snowy owl and a harp seal.

We have visited Plum Island several times, and each time we take a different path to the beach or to viewing areas. Some are dune walks and other trails wander out to wildlife viewing areas. There are usually people with binoculars and cameras to catch rare birds in the reserve. There is also kayaking in the waterways as well as the ocean for more experienced paddlers.

For us, there is more to see at Plum Island and not a lot to say other than it is a peaceful and beautiful park. The road to the end becomes a rough gravel, so it is not fun for biking, but slow driving in a car is not too bad. To see additional wildlife, there is also kayaking in the waterways in the inside of the park. The ocean paddling can be suprisingly rough.

Getting There

Several main routes come close to Plum Island: I495, I95, and Route 1. You can zoom in and out and scroll around with the map below, or Go to Google Maps to view a larger map. When you switch to the Satellite View, the images of the land are beautiful.