General Information

On our site, rock climbing areas are covered on individual pages can be accessed by the links above and to the right. We have included just a little bit of information on hiking below, but apologize for not covering the hikes in more detail. Time permitting we may actually get some more information in some day.


AMC Hiking Guide The White Mountains have countless trails for hiking, both for family walks and for multi-day backpacking. The AMC White Mountain Guide is an excellent book for hiking and backpacking. It includes maps of the region to assist in navigation as well as descriptions and time estimates for the trails.

As a precaution for hiking please remember that it is much cooler at 4000 ft in NH than at the parking lot of the trail and the nights, even in the summer, can be cold. Also, a day hike can require more water than anticipated.

As for favorite trails, for a short hike (1/2 day) try the Glen Boulder Trail off of route 16 near Mount Washington. For an overnight trip, Mt, Isolation is my personal favorite. For multi-day backpacking, many people enjoy a 'Presiedential Traverse' that crosses a handful of mountains names after presidents. Some trails have huts along the way and others have camping areas on a first come first serve basis.

The Weather

In general, ice season is over around March and rock starts around April unless it is on Mt. Washington which keeps ice and snow longer. Rock and lasts until October. Ice is usually in after Thanksgiving. But of course, each year varies. When camping in September and later, you will likely need a hat and mittens and a warm sleeping bag. June will find you desperate for bug sprey. Keep in mind that the notches form their own weather patterns: It may be nice in Crawford Notch or North Conway, but inclement weather in Franconia Notch.

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