Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is located right outside of Las Vegas. If you stay near or on the strip, the Canyon is only a half hour away. If you stay at the campground outside of the Canyon, you are about 10 minutes away from the entrance.

Red Rock Canyon ("Red Rocks") is home to some magnificent petroglyphs, beautiful hikes, interesting wildlife, and a wide range of climbing.

Las Vegas

We do the poor man's version of Las Vegas. We are not gamblers or late night partiers; we are just climbers. We offer a cheaper perspective on staying and eating in Vegas. For a more luxurious trip, you might consider one of the many wonderful sites out there sponsored by the casinos.

Places to Eat

We try for the $10 or less entree but we found that for a sit down meal you might spend more like $12. PLaces we loved that are now gone are Quark's at the Star Trek Experience, a buffet at the Aladdin, and our favorite restaurant, now replaced with a pizza place at Treasure Island. Here are some of our favorites that might still exist:

Places to Stay

Other than the campground mentioned below, these are the three places we stay when we can't get an excellent deal on a real casino hotel. (which is almost always). All three have allowed a Saturday check in and have cost us under $50 per night in the past. None are complete dumps, but Bourbon Street can be a bit run down. If you like the Motel 6 (one of our favorites) , then you will get the same level of cleanliness and security at the Vagabond Inn. When we stayed at Tam's, we had brand new carpeting and new bedding, but they were not finished with all of the rooms yet. Staff was very nice to us.

Camping none that we know aboutacross from Red Rock Canyon and shower at the climbing gym on Charlton Blvd. Other shower locations are posted at the campground.
Bourbon Street (702) 737-7200Minor walk to the strip. Allows Saturday Check in. Casino, but stinky.
Tam O'Shanter's (702) 735-7331 or
(800) 735 DICE
Just sprayed for bugs last time we were there. Across from Treasure Island on the Strip
Vagabond Inn (800) 522-1555Cleanest of the 3 listed here. Across from Treasure Island on the Strip

The Weather

The following chart is for the Moab, Utah area, which is the town outside of the park.

Monthly Historical Averages

High (F)576369788810010610395826758
Low (F)343944516069767466544334
Precipitation (in).

Other "Nearby" Places