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Climbing - October 1999



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Cat in the Hat
Cookie Monster
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Death Valley


Oct 23 - Arrive in Vegas

Flew out on Continental for whatever reason after swearing off that airline from the last Vegas trip fiasco. This time it was different - both of us AND our luggage seemed to make it to the right destination around the right time. We checked into Bourbon Street - BEST deal near the strip and then drove out to Red Rocks to make "reservations" for Cat in the Hat for the following day and Cookie Monster for the day after. Believe it or not, at the time Red Rocks allowed one group early entry per climb in the park - awesome deal.

Bill on rappel on Cat in the Hat and Cookie Monster

Oct 24 - Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat will always be one of our favorite routes. Scrambled up before dawn and made it to the park only to realize the ranger made an error with the padlock combination for early entry. Finally another group of climbers arrived with the correct combination and we headed off for the climb. The hike out was very solitary as was the climb. We were alone until the final pitch when a German couple closed up behind us by about one move. As I removed a piece and made the next move, he would put a piece of gear in where I had just left. Ruined our time alone on the summit and blew the marriage proposal which was preempted to the end of the week.

red rocks panorama

Oct 25 - Cookie Monster

Did the same early morning entrance as the day before in order to get a full day for Cookie Monster. Crummy approach but excellent route and very much recommended!

Clipped bolt

Oct 26 - Sport Climbing

Got a nice day of sport climbing in on the Magic Bus wall and the Black Corridor. Cori leads her first west coast sport route. Piece of cake!

Darwin Springs

Oct 27 - Death Valley Hiking

Had a nice breakfast at the lodge at Panamint Springs. Drove out to Panamint Springs for a hike to the springs. The trail was easy to follow because you follow a wash that leads to the spring.

Checked out Fossil Falls in the afternoon on the way to JTree.


Oct 28 - JTree Climbing

After a restful evening at our beloved Oasis of Eden, what is a trip to JTree without climbing Headstone?

climbers on Sail Away

Oct 29 - JTree Climbing

Not just great climbing - Bill proposes to Cori on top of Sail Away.

rocks at JTree

Oct 30 - JTree Climbing

Meet up with Larry and Mirian for a nice climb up Solid Gold. Flew home from Vegas in the evening.